IASA is an international organization consisting of national DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers) associations
founded in 2009. In 2021, our association is composed of 26 national associations in 21 countries representing more than
4000 members.


The purpose of the Association is to promote activities that support the interests of safety and security in the fields of
transport of dangerous goods and the training /examination of DGSA.

The general objectives of the Federation are:
– to establish effective liaison between persons and organizations concerned with matters of DGSA duties and their training and examination;
– to establish official means of communication among their members and related organizations;
– to organize conferences and symposia on topics and problems of common interest;
– to attempt solutions of problems of training and examination of DGSA that may arise;
– to make recommendations to national and international organizations on any question within these terms of reference
when, in the judgement of the Federation, this is desirable or necessary.

Board of IASA

President – Maria Nicopulos (PL) /
Vice president – Jesper Hornum (DK)
General Secretary – Guillaume Le Coz (FR) /
Deputy General Secretary – Franck Schmitt (FR)
Treasurer – Zsuzsanna Sass (HU) /
Deputy Treasurer – Imre Elek (HU)

Our association has obtained the full consultative status of observer in the Joint Meeting of the Economic Council of Europe, in the United Nations.
This organ is formed of the representatives of the National Transport Ministries, or their delegates, of the Member States
who have signed the conventions of ADR-RID-ADN (and their experts) and are trying to harmonize the modes of all land

IASA is the central voice of the interests of the DGSAs’ of Europe.

– The DGSA is the connecting link between the provisions and the applicants.
– We have 2 requirements to be compliant with ADR/RID/ADN:
-operational procedures and instructions
-training of the employees, including proper training of the company ́s employees and maintenance of records of
such training.